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The terms fit out and fit up are very closely related to each other. Let’s say, they are more like distant cousins- belonging from the same lineage, yet different and unique in their own little way! That’s what our topic of focus is today- helping you distinguish between retail fit outs and home or space fit up. But before we dive into the prime differences, let’s consider an example!

Let’s say Mr. A has a shop and an old home that he wants to monetize as a part of his retirement plan! Mr. A calls interior specialists to refurbish and renovate the old cosy nook to make it ready for renters. This right here is a fit up, or a renovation job!

Now imagine, Mr. A contacting professional shopfitters to do the same thing for his little shop! The shopfitters upgrade and modify the already existing facilities and amenities within the space, making the retail ready for business! This is what we call a commercial or retail fit out job.

Couldn’t spot the difference?

Let us help. The table below gives a side-by-side difference of what a fit out and a fit up is!

Fit Out

Fit Up

Fit outs mean converting a workplace, making it ready for an occupation. Fit up means re-decorating or re-doing interiors, making it ready for living.
Fit outs are usually associated with commercial terms and include adding modern amenities that can enhance the  workability and functionality of a space. Fit ups are usually associated with residential terms and include sprucing up an old, outdated space to make living more comfortable and aesthetically soothing.
Fit outs are more labour intensive jobs and are generally higher in expenses. Needless to say, retail fitouts require more interior knowledge, industry trends, and technical know-how. Fit ups don’t require as much manual power as a fit out. As a result, expenses of your interior renovation or fit up may depend on the areas covered and products used.
Lastly, shopfitters typically associate fit outs with brands and all the modifications are done keeping the brand identity in mind. Interior renovators associate fit ups with their clients. Their mode of work heavily depends on the client’s personal preferences.

When it comes to retail fit out or a home fit up, there is a fine line that distinguishes the two. Even though the differences are not that loud, understanding the basics is important if you’re considering a commercial upgrade.

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